Bio-Image Data Science Training Schools 2024#

This is the website of the BIDS Training School @ ScaDS.AI 2024. We will provide all training materials and information about the training school here.

[!CAUTION] This web page is under heavy construction. Come back later for the full content.

General info#

  • Date: May 13th-15th 2024

  • Place: ScaDS.AI / Uni Leipzig

  • Target audience: Life scientists with interest in learning Bio-image Analysis and Data Science using Python. No prior programming experience required.

  • Registration is open

This course focuses on bio-image analysis and data science with a focus on fluorescence microscopy imaging data and downstream analysis. Our training includes these python libraries:


  • Anja Neumann, ScaDS.AI, Uni Leipzig

  • Christian Martin, ScaDS.AI, Uni Leipzig

  • Jan Ewald, ScaDS.AI, Uni Leipzig

  • Laura Žigutytė, Clinical AI / Kather lab, EKFZ, TU Dresden

  • Marie-Sophie von Braun, ScaDS.AI, Uni Leipzig

  • Matthias Täschner, ScaDS.AI, Uni Leipzig

  • Robert Haase, ScaDS.AI, Uni Leipzig

Preliminary Program#

  • Monday, May 13th

9:00-10:30	Arrival
10:30-11:00	Welcome, organizational	(Robert)
11:00-12:30	Python basics (Matthias, Robert)
12:30-13:30	Lunch		
13:30-15:00	File handling + Image loading/visualization	(Robert, Matthias)
15:00-15:30	Coffee		
15:30-17:00	Image Processing basics	(Anja, Marie-Sophie)
  • Tuesday, May 14th

9:00-10:30	Image Segmentation (Robert, tbd)
10:30-11:00	Coffee		
11:00-12:30	Feature extraction (Robert, Christian)
12:30-13:30	Lunch		
13:30-15:00	Machine learning (Pixel + Object Classification) (Christian, Anja)
15:00-15:30	Coffee		
15:30-17:00	Tabular data wrangling using Pandas	(Matthias, Christian)
17:00-18:00	Wrap up & work on your own data		
19:00-21:00	Scientific Networking Event	(tbd, Robert)
  • Wednesday, May 15th

9:00-10:30	Explorative data science, unsupervised machine learning	(Laura, Matthias)
10:30-11:00	Coffee		
11:00-12:30	Data Visualization theory (Jan, Laura)
12:30-13:30	Lunch		
13:30-15:00	Plotting using Seaborn (Marie-Sophie, Jan)
15:00-15:30	Coffee		
15:30-17:00	Wrap up & work on your own data		
17:00-18:00	Departure		


Registration is open


Would like to acknowledge people who shared trainng materials and example data which we are reusing in this training school:

  • Nasreddin Abolmaali, OncoRay, TU Dresden

We acknowledge the financial support by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research of Germany and by Sächsische Staatsministerium für Wissenschaft, Kultur und Tourismus in the programme Center of Excellence for AI-research „Center for Scalable Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence Dresden/Leipzig“, project identification number: ScaDS.AI